Mildred J. Michalczyk, Esq. is the Attorney-Owner and Founder of the Law Office of Mildred J. Michalczyk. Born and raised in Astoria, Queens, within the New York Metro Area, Mildred is familiar with the culture and unique atmosphere of city life; this familiarity allows Ms. Michalczyk to effectively communicate with her clients and to address their unique needs and concerns. The Law Office of Mildred J. Michalczyk combines Ms. Michalczyk's aforementioned soft skills with her impeccable education record, having graduated from the prestigious New York University and Hofstra School of Law, to create a formidable litigant and expert advocate. 

Areas of Practice

In addition to the general areas of practice listed on the "About" page, The Law Office of Mildred J. Michalczyk specializes in co-operative litigation, construction litigation, commercial litigation, telecommunications litigation, domestic relations litigation, employment discrimination litigation, and immigration.

Recent Litigation

Recently, Ms. Michalczyk has served as co-counsel, jointly-representing a multi-national telecommunications firm in a multitude of contractual dispute issues. These issues include negotiation and interpretation of roof-top lease agreements: Ms. Michalczyk assisted with litigation in Federal, State and City Courts, in order to determine for the client whether the placement of antenna facilities on roof-tops caused the telecommunications firm to be liable for structural damage(s) resulting from its antennas. These complex matters required addressing landlord-tenant disputes, as well as attending administrative hearings at the Environmental Control Board (ECB). Ms. Michalczyk is available to assist other attorneys, and is willing to serve as joint or assistant counsel at a reasonable hourly rate.

Yellowstone Injunction

The Law Office of Mildred J. Michalczyk also specializes in Yellowstone Injunctions, also known as Yellowstone Eviction Law Motions, which are a special type of Supreme Court hearing brought by a tenant against his or her landlord. In order to initiate a Yellowstone Eviction Law Motion, a tenant must be accused of default by his or her landlord; the landlord generally serves  the tenant with a document called a "Notice to Cure" because of a perceived violation of the lease agreement by the tenant. A violation of the lease agreement on the part of the tenant would normally give the Landlord the ability to prematurely terminate the lease agreement; however, as in all legal disputes, the main goal of the Court is simply to preserve the status quo, not create more issues. 

A Yellowstone Eviction Law Motion is simply that: a request by a tenant that the Court preserve the status quo, and allow the current lease agreement to continue without modification; the Yellowstone Injunction prevents the cure period from running out by the issuing of a temporary restraining order (TRO).